Patient Experience Tips! 

Just a few things I try and do to ensure the patients I care for recieve the best possible patient experience:

  • At the start of my shift or 1st time of meeting a patient and their family I always introduce myself.
  • If giving a patient their nurse call bell I explain how it works and also clip it to the pillow/bed so that if it falls they can still reach it.
  • Make sure the parents with the child can get off and have 5 mins to eat and drink.
  • Allow time for families to ask questions and also say if you have any worries or concerns to let me know.
  • Ensure that they can reach their food when it’s meal times.
  • At the end if my shift I let the patent know I’ve finished and let them know the name of the nurse on the following shift.

I also have s few tips when I’m NIC too

  • Ensure all team members get a break
  • Offer my support to all team members


  • Say Thank-You and the end of the day.

What’s your patient experience tips?

Bye for now



What is a Caremaker?

This is the question I get asked repeatedly when I where my hoody or people read my email signature at work! 

I think once they ask me they regret it cause I launch into what are the 6cs! But I’m glad they ask and I use these two things to start conversations and get people thinking about the 6c’s. 

What are the 6c’s probably my non nursing followers will say. I say that they are Care, Commitment, Compassion, Courage, Communicatuon and Conpetance. I also say that you don’t have to be a HCP to use them and if people did think about all 6 in non nursing world then I think it would be a better place. 

In the nursing and NHS professions the little things you can do as part of the 6c’s will help a patient, or their family have a better patient experience. For example 


This is what we do! It’s in our nature. The little things like asking ‘are you ok?’ Not because you have to but because you care enough to ask. You need to listen to the answer though or there is no point in asking! 

Remembering that your patient isn’t the only person who may need care there is the son, daughter, mother, father, sister brother etc 


This is important as this can change a persons views on you and the environment they are in. You need to look at the person infront of you and communicate in a way they understand. Not using NHS jargon that we all take as everyone know what we are going on about. 

Keep your patient updated in their care if there is going to be a delay tell them from the start!! They will understand more. 


Show commitment to your job, your patient your ward. Do this and you will perform better. If you are given a task show commitment and get it done! 


See something unsafe or bad practice have courage to raise concerns with someone either your line manager or higher if need be.

Use Courage to be an advocate for your patient if needed. 


Make sure you know what you are doing before you do it. Patient and staff safety is paramount. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or get someone more qualified to carry out the job. 


Another one that speaks for it’s self again it’s what we do! Show compassion if your patient needs to talk let them talk if they need a hand held hold their hand! 
I think that some interviewees ask which of the 6cs is the most important. There isn’t in my opinion a right answer here they are all as important as each other. 

Please retweet, comment and tweet me your opinions.

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Play Off Rams …….

So today should have been the day that 40,000+ Derby fans were heading to a certain football ground in London….. Wembley Stadium but again we failed at the last hurdle. 

I have a few memories of Play off campaigns for Derby County and this is the theme of the blog today! 

I know we lost over 2 legs to Blackburn Rovers in 1990’s I don’t remember attending the matches but I do remember listening to the commentary on Radio Derby. 

The fist real memory is the 1994 ( I’m sure I’ve got it right)  play off campaign when we beat Milwall over 2 legs to get to the play off final against Leicester City. The Away leg of the play off semis was marred by a pitch invasion by Milwall fans and how they tripped up the Rams goal keeper. So we headed to the play off Final which we lost 😦 there was deadly silence in the Derby end of the old Wembley stadium when the Foxes scored. 

Next play off campain saw us fail at the semi final stage again! Preston Home and Away. We actually played Preston 4 times in a row as we played them the last game of the season and in the play offs and then then 1st game of the next season as they lost their play off final. 

Onto 2007 …… Southampton in the semis and then a dramatic penalty shoot out to win to get to Wembley and play WBA and a Victory at Wembly and we are Premier Rams!!! 

Next it’s 2014 ….. Brighton in the semis and we were awesome played them off the park and ended winning over 2 legs Wembley again QPR …… This was a great day until the 90th minute and flipping Bobby Zamora 😦 

Next it’s 2016 and Hull City and after loosing the 1st leg 3-0 we would have had to made history to make the final which we gave a good go at it but only managed a 2-0 win the 2nd leg. 

So if we are to head into the play offs next season then please can we play a southern team (Milwall, Southampton and Brighton- Dcfc head to Wembley) or if we play northern team (Blackburn, Preston and Hull – we lose!) 

Please retweet and comment your thoughts re Play Offs.

Bye for now 



The Big Reveal……

Good afternoon, 

So who would like to see the results from my recent surgery? 

So before I do I’ll explain what I have had done cartridge graft from my right ear and put into my nose so that it straightens  my nose, this is stage 3 of me getting my nose straight. 

So this picture is before my surgery (with my little one Freya!) 

The next picture is after my surgery 

And a few days after (I’m dragging out the big reveal arnt i!) 

Ok and ……….. After a commercial break ……..

This is the result …………

So what do you think???

I would like to say a Massive thank you to my surgeon he is absolutely amazing always explains things so you understand and is very caring. And as you can see does amazing job in surgery! 

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Bye for now 



A nurse being a patient! – The other side! 

Last week I was a patient a role reversal to when I normally go to hospital as I’m a paediatric nurse. I’ve been a patient before many times, comes with the territory of being born with a cleft lip and palate. 

This surgery was phase 3 of making my nose straighter because to me when I look in a mirror I can tell it’s not right and I don like it! So I had a cartridge graft from my ear to my tip of the nose and re designed! Can’t wait to see the results! 

I thought I’d blog my experiences, I did tweet on the day using #robptexp on Twitter but that went quiet after I went to surgery! 

I attended pre op assessment 1st which is normal as I have quite away to travel to the hospital I had my surgery at ( remaining anonymous in this blog entry) then up to the ward! 

I’ll bullet point my observations now and hopefully if you are a nurse reading this it will make you consider How the patient views you and thee care you give – 

  • There were plenty of ‘Hello my name is …..’ Which is excellent really makes you feel like someone cares to know their name. 
  • Ted stockings warn by all patients – I can understand the risk but if you are a mobile young adult why does every daycase patient need them??? I would have thought some £ could be saved here if needed. 
  • The nurse admitting me was constantly yawning through out which put me off! I was thinking don’t you want to be looking after me? – it all felt like a paper excercise not that she was finding things out for her admission. 
  • There wasn’t a long wait for surgery but thankfully the hospital had wifi – however the patient has to pay for it! Which I think is general practice but in this day and age I would have thought it could be free. 
  • Very chatty porters took me to surgery then I was given the drugs and off I went! 
  • When waking I felt really nauseated and I think a student nurse ( heard her talking about management placements – unless I was having a post anaesthetic dream!) was looking after me she was so kind and  softly spoken helped me get some anti-emetics. 
  • Back to the reclining chair on the ward and loads of sleeping, I think nurses came to do my obs but I don’t recall any pain assessment, and I certainly wasn’t given my nurse call bell incase I needed any assistance! 
  • 20 mins before discharge I was asked about pain relief for home and I knew I had asked the aneasatist pre op re stronger pain relief for home so I let the nurse know and she said oh but we will have to order that from pharmacy! I thought yes you will! Luckily it came just before I was discharged! 
  • Taking of discharge!!! I asked when my head bandage off- I was told the next day! So the next day myself and my wife started to take it off- got fine to my ear where there was iodine cotton wool in my ear and some gauze behind so we tried to get the gauze off – OUCH – wouldn’t come off! A call is made to the ward I was on …. S/N “continue to take it off as much as you can” “use gauze afterwards to cover it up” ok so that didn’t sound quite right so a further phone call to the consultants secretary. We spoke to the consultant who operated who said “oh I wanted all that keeping on until Tuesday when you come back” great advice from the ward there then! But luckily no harm done as I wouldn’t have got the gauze behind my ear off as it was a tied dressing!!!!! No wonder it hurt!!!! 

I am now still with head bandage until tomorrow then I’ll be able to see what they have done! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading my rambling! Please feel free to share, retweet, comment. 

Bye for now 





Everyone has them, good ones, Bad ones, ugly ones!

I have a memory box full of them and when I look in it memories come flooding back. Am I the only one with a memory box I often wonder. I look in this memory box and think should I keep the things in there or get rid and every time I can’t bring myself to part with them.

One of the things I have in there is my collection of badges from football grounds I went to with my dad and friends and each one holds a memory or not lol I’d like to share these with you ( if you don’t want to read it all then now is the time to click off this blog entry!) you have been warned!!! 

I’m going to go through all the badges I have, it was tradition to get to the ground…

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Can you post that???? Are you allowed??? 

The two questions I get asked when I talk to colleagues about Twitter! Followed by but I follow people like One Direction! And I say that’s fine! Another is but what if people see me on a night out…. My response people only see what you want them too and what you post. You are I charge of what people see! 

Some people have 2 accounts a personal one and a professional one others have a joint one either way is fine. 

I did ask the same questions my self! When I started using SoMe more and more professionally But I’ve come to the conclusion that if it doesn’t mention patients or ward areas or isn’t offensive or breach your code of conduct you can post it! 
Another of my thoughts is if you wouldn’t say something to someone face to face don’t tweet or post it! The read your tweets to check they are not offensive or breaching any confidentiality. 

Twitter and SoMe can be a great resource for information for all HCP from Students to Cheif Executives, you can ask a question and have hundreds of answers tips and solutions to problems that can help your workplace or better still your patients. There must be thousands of years of experience within the HCP tweeting community why not tap into it. 

So yes you can post that and yes you are allowed to be on Twitter….

Let’s keep this Tweetibg community going and go forth and promote the benefits of Healhcare and SoMe.

@robbradley01 A.K.A Rob